Fine Art

Photo by Whitney Liebenthal from

Just before my computer arrived last year, I had created 52 soft sculptures out of Video Tape. So, among all my creative endeavors, one is recycling VHS tape into Fine Art. I create them using the life-long skills gathered as a textile designer and crafter while I was away from the digital realm. These are made by crocheting, stretching, wrapping, and stitching in combination for these firmer vessels.

  • Several large pieces are currently on display at Lisk Gallery┬áin downtown Boise, Id.
  • Check out my YouTube channel, devoted just to the process of my Green Art.
  • InspirationGreen┬áincluded me on a page with some other Recycled VHS artists.

Photo by Whitney Liebenthal from

Photo by Whitney Liebenthal from

2 thoughts on “Fine Art

  1. Hey, hope that ain’t a tape of the lost episode of “Gilligan’s Island”…we may never learn how they made it off that island. Yet, it looks real sharp. Does it come in any other colors? Your curious cousin, Dennis

  2. Hahaha. Thanks for stopping by! They don’t come in any colors, but they reflect colored light amazingly. Also, the mylar will take acrylic paint.

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