Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence space at Renewal Underground

I can’t say enough about my Artist in Residence experience so far, it’s just completely amazing and inspiring. The shared artist studio space at Renewal Underground is part of the massive basement below Renewal Consignment at 517 8th St. in Boise, Idaho. If you find your way into this fabulous store, take the door on the left to the hallway bathrooms and head down the stairs.

There is also easy access around the corner at 850 Fulton St. in the alley. Behind door #6 you will find myself, Anne Boyles, Bruce Maurey, and Pat Hunter creating to our hearts content. Please contact me to arrange a time to meet and get a tour of the space.

Please like my artist page on Facebook to stay updated.

Thank You

The place I create! Some of my work on the tree.


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