About Adrian Kershaw

I have a Graphic Design and A/V Editing background, however, Motion Graphics is my passion. Creative all around, I paint, craft and create Fine Art Sculpture out of VHS tape. My first After Effects class was almost 13 years ago and I was hooked. My Goal is to work and learn the job closely with fun creative people and freelance in the future.

Free Yarn Contest

It’s pretty amazing what a free offer will inspire people to do. For me, to win all that yarn motivated me to post something here, which I haven’t done in almost 2 years. So, here you go, a contest for a Year’s worth of Yarn from Red Heart. Every time that this link is used for contest entry, I get another entry. Once you enter, you will be able to do the same thing and get extra entries when your friends and family enter. I am no longer using VHS to work with due to the chemical smell problem I had while hand crocheting a giant rope from about 100 tapes, six at a time. This contest also inspired me to learn how to read a crochet pattern. I never learned crochet proper, so this is like learning a completely foreign language with a twist of math, as you may know. Counting stitches…


Vogue Knitting Live in NYC 2013

I still have not even processed half of the experiences I had in the 4 days I was in New York City. I danced in Times Square with an old guy named John, I walked through K-town at 1am feeling safe, and I grew to love the inhabitants of Manhattan. I can’t wait to return, hopefully for an opening in Chelsea. I am working on Star Wars, my newest coil pot, in my spare time. I am fully inspired from this trip. Vogue Knitting Live! is an incredible event that I am just barely grasping fully with my non-conformist creative brain. The next event is the first weekend in April in Seattle. See you there!


Phone Covers…


I opened a store on Art of Where!!

The Mandalas can now be yours! So far, I have only designed a couple phone covers, but I will be adding designs and products daily until I have a nice selection.

Visit my store Adrian Kershaw.


Vogue Knitting Live in NYC


Traveling 2,000 miles to share my art was such a blast. I met so many beautiful people and had many phenomenal days in the city. I hope to continue to show the world the ways in which we all can think outside the box. I made the Blank Tape Cape with Lady Gaga in mind and while I was at the event, in the Knitted Gallery, several people exclaimed, “Lady Gaga!”, while pointing at the cape. Think it, and it shall be. Traveling in the winter is not the best choice of seasons, but I had no weather related delays and I seemed to miss the storm as I roamed further up the coast to Boston and then New Hampshire for a much needed family reunion. If you like what you see, please follow the links here and “like” my facebook artist page. Thanks!

Boise Arts and History Blog

I have been so busy with Art and Life. So many things I haven’t updated. Part of this project has taught me to be patient and not push this on people. They tend to find me, or get me when the time is right. I did this interview a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed talking with Erin, she really “got” me. This is a great summary my art and my intentions.

Please check it out.

Boise Arts and History Blog

Thank you!

Mylar Madness 2012 Modern Art @Modern Hotel, Boise Idaho

We came, we stitched, we conquered.

30 X 6 1/2 feet

100% Recycled VHS tape. Created in 3 weeks with the help of over a dozen volunteers that crocheted and knitted with a new to them material. It was a lot of fun.

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Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence space at Renewal Underground

I can’t say enough about my Artist in Residence experience so far, it’s just completely amazing and inspiring. The shared artist studio space at Renewal Underground is part of the massive basement below Renewal Consignment at 517 8th St. in Boise, Idaho. If you find your way into this fabulous store, take the door on the left to the hallway bathrooms and head down the stairs.

There is also easy access around the corner at 850 Fulton St. in the alley. Behind door #6 you will find myself, Anne Boyles, Bruce Maurey, and Pat Hunter creating to our hearts content. Please contact me to arrange a time to meet and get a tour of the space.

Please like my artist page on Facebook to stay updated.

Thank You

The place I create! Some of my work on the tree.

New Artist in Residence in Boise!

Artist in Residence March-Sept 2012

I was selected!! Please see the press release to see all the other fellows for this term.

The entrance to Renewal Underground is in the alley on Fulton St. between 8th and 9th.

Thank You!!